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Google AppsGoogle Apps for Business and Education

  • eMail, Calendar, Contacts, IM, Drive, Docs and Collaboration as Standard
  • Full Smartphone Syncronisation
  • Easy-to-use Web Interface making it accessible from anywhere
  • Cross Platform Compatibility, Same look and fell across all systems
  • Highly Secure with a 99.9% Availability Guarantee

Google Apps is a suite of tools for handling your companies communication and collaboration needs. It offers the familiar gMail interface that is already being used and loved by millions of users around the world. eMail is just the beginning though, imagine being able to work with the same easy-to-use interface on any computer, anywhere! Whether you’re on Windows, Mac or Linux it’s the same. Not only do you get eMail, Calendar & Contacts Management but you also get Google Docs which is a fully functional Office Suite as well as 5GB of free online storage via Google Drive.