Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vitally important to get people to your website, without SEO no one will be able to find your site without knowing your web address. SEO is all about linking your potential market to your website and in most cases is even more important than the actual website itself.

There is a misconception that people will just find your business and you’ll be inundated with work, you won’t. You’ll be lucky to get any visitors unless you do some form of SEO.

There are various ways to drive traffic to your website, what is most important is the structure of your website and the quality of the content contained within it. If your current website hasn’t been built to conform to SEO standards, the search engines will have problems interpreting your site and the content contained within it. Always ensure that whenever you have a website developed that the designer has a conversation with you regarding SEO, if they don’t… Find someone else!

With regards to social media again one size does not fit all as different markets tend to operate in different mediums, for example social businesses tend to use Facebook & Twitter, whereas Business to Business companies tend to use Linked-in & Twitter. They key is to use the right medium for the right target audience.

Paid for Ads (Adwords, Facebook, Linked-in, etc…) are also another method for advertising your business. In general terms you want your business as high up the generic unpaid list as possible as this is primarily where end users will click, only if they can’t find what they’re looking for will they tend to then click on paid-for advertising. However, depending on your market demographics and competition, it can be very difficult to work your way up the generic list and this is where paid-for advertising helps.

At Vicon we can work with you or your marketing company to drive appropriate traffic to your website using whatever means are appropriate to your business. On average, businesses will spend 15-25% of their marketing budget on digital advertising.

Customised SEO

SEO is unique for each client as your budget, market demographics and keywords are unique for your business. If you took one of our Website Packages and the Basic SEO Link-back Package then your website is partially there.

We will work with you or your marketing agency to identify the appropriate audience, medium (Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, etc…) and plan a campaign customised to your needs and budget.

Basic SEO Link-back Package – £250

A vital for of Search Engine Optimisation is getting links back to your website. Each link for a website is counted as a “vote” for your website, by the website the link is coming from. Directory submissions are vital as they provide quality one way links to your website and get the ball rolling on any SEO package.

Article submissions are great because not only do they provide high quality links back to your site, they are also pages in an article directory that will also come up on search engines and provide a company description to increase your company’s exposure.

Social bookmarking submission involves linking sites within the various forums, blogs and message boards on social networking websites, blog sites and content centric sites like Digg. Considered a better alternative to submitting a website on blogs, manual social bookmarking is a simple, convenient and hassle-free way of making sure that your site is noticed and marketed in the right circle.

DMOZ is probably the most popular directory on the internet so getting a link from DMOZ will give your website a boost in search engine rankings. Although your website will be submitted, it is at the discretion of DMOZ to include your website and this can take up to 6 months.

Many of the top ranking business pay a lot of money to ensure they businesses are ranked at the top of these search engines or within Google Adwords for example. Unfortunately, the simple fact is the more you pay for SEO the better the rank you get, Vicon can provide fully customised SEO packages based around your marketing requirements.


750 Submissions with 10 unique title & Description.

  • 500 Article Submission with 1 unique article creation and 5 variations. 100 Submission every week for 1.5 month.
  • 125 Social Bookmarking two times in 2 months.
  • DMOZ Directory Submission
  • 200+ Search Engine Submission + Yahoo + Google + MSN