eMail & Collaboration

There are several different solutions for eMail, nearly all of them are cloud based. It is rare for a company (whether an SME or a Multi-National) to roll out a new Internal eMail system anymore. Owning your own on-site solution is expensive, time consuming, inflexible and requires constant attention from qualified engineers.

The majority of businesses use either Outlook & Exchange, Google Apps or a basic POP3 eMail account. With the exception of POP3 accounts, all eMail solutions are server based with group collaboration features such as shared address books, shared calendars, delegation rights, remote web access & mobile device synchronisation.

A lot of companies underestimate how efficient the correct eMail system can make their business, we can spend several hours per day dealing with eMail so making it as efficient as possible is important. Ask yourself these questions: –

  1. Does my eMail system prioritise important email automatically?
  2. Does my eMail system automatically reduce spam?
  3. Can my eMail system automatically file eMails?
  4. Does my eMail system fully synchronise with all the devices I use to access it?
  5. Can my eMail system allow me to easily collaborate with colleagues or customers?
  6. Can I access my eMail when not at my desk?

If the answer to any of these is No or Don’t Know, then you’re eMail system isn’t helping you be efficient. Being inefficient reduces your effectiveness which reduces productivity and therefore increases cost and reduces profitability.

For minimal effort, a correctly implemented eMail system can have a dramatic and positive effect on your company.

Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Business also come with a collaborative working but what does that mean? Imagine working together with someone on a word document, presentation or spreadsheet at the same time. Now imagine that person isn’t even in the same office as you, maybe not even in the same country! That’s online collaborative working. It’s a simple but powerful solution and it opens up the possibility to share and work together on a variety of applications at the same time but in different locations.


If you are an Education Establishment then you are eligible for extensive discounts on many cloud based solutions, please call us for more information or to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

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