Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft’s applications have been in the cloud via third parties for several years, on 28th June 2011 it entered the market with its own hosted applications removing the need for third parties. Some of you may know the older version of this service called Microsoft Office BPOS, this will be replaced and you will be migrated to Office 365 for free.

They come with 99.9% financially backed SLA’s and run in Microsoft secure datacentre’s.


If you are an Education Establishment then you are eligible for extensive discounts on many cloud based solutions, please call us for more information or to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

Vicon Managed Install

For a one off fee of £75.00 for the first domain (£37.50 per domain thereafter), we can configure your domain and email solution for you.

Cost per User per Month

Microsoft Office 365 comes in various packages depending on your needs, all prices are per user per month.

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Existing eMail Data Migration

If you have an existing eMail installation we can also provide data migration services.

Unfortunately, as data migration timescales can vary wildly depending on the amount of data involved we can’t put a fixed price on it. However, we’ve tried to be as fair as possible with the following options: –

  1. We visit site and you pay by the hour, we do as many simultaneous data migrations as your Internet connection will allow. We can of course also provide training and best use advice at the same time.
  2. We migrate your user data remotely, this allows us to only charge you for the time we are actually involved in the process (i.e. not for the time when data is simply uploading). It means we can get on and do other work without charging you for staring at an upload bar!
  3. We show you how and you do it yourself!