Service & Support

Vicon provides IT consultancy, design, installation and support for all your technology needs whether it’s computing, network, telephony or any other technological need. We are based in Bury, Huntingdon and can provide online services to any small or medium size business within the UK. Our on-site services are limited to within a 50 mile radius of Bury, Huntingdon and within London.

At Vicon we provide our customers with friendly, customised and more importantly business quality IT services. We thoroughly review any service we sell to ensure it meets our exacting standards. You can be confident that any service you buy from Vicon has our seal of approval.


Vicon works with several class leading partners to underpin our strategy to provide an all-encompassing service for our client’s needs. As a client of Vicon this affords you several advantages: –

  • The ability to use Vicon as a single point of contact
  • Fully integrated solutions
  • Consultancy services to ensure you get the best out of any applications you decide to use
  • Comfort that we have used our experience to evaluate the market and selected the best business class services
  • Access to services and technologies that you may not be able to get on your own
  • Consolidated billing

On-Site Support

Fact: “On-Site computer support is expensive!” Vicon’s philosophy is to reduce the need for on-site support by offering solutions that require very little on-site support.

Of course there are times when on-site support is required but we’ll do our very best to reduce this, not only does this reduce your costs but it also allows us to be more efficient (less travel time etc…) and therefore is also keeps our costs low, which is how we keep our services and products cost effective.

To underpin this strategy, we simply advise our customers to take on our Remote Software Support service, once you have this in place all our on-site and consultancy rates are provided at a 10% discount.

As we’re based in Bury, Huntingdon we limit our onsite support options to surrounding counties, including London.

Remote Software Support

Our standard support offering is designed to provide a cost effective remote support contract that covers most day-to-day issues that occur with IT equipment. It covers the majority of standard software and services used in today’s offices, and includes cover for: –

  • Microsoft Operating System Support (XP, Vista, 7) & Updates
  • Mac OS-X Support
  • Microsoft Office & Google Apps Support
  • Email Clients such as Microsoft Outlook & Google Apps for Business
  • Security Issues such as Anti-Virus and Spam
  • Network, Internet and Router Issues
  • General Hardware and Application Support
  • Support for any Application we have developed for you

Your calls will be answered and resolved by technical engineers and not a call logger on a Helpdesk, this allows us to process and resolve your issues a lot faster. Once you sign-up for the service we’ll immediately perform a free site survey to document and rectify any problem areas before we take control. This ensures your systems are in a good shape and running as efficiently as they can and that we have all the information we need to support you quickly and efficiently.


  • Independent Advice and Guidance on how to get the best from your IT services
  • Hardware and Software Recommendations and Purchasing
  • Access to Trained and More Importantly, Experienced Engineers
  • Coordination of 3rd Party Application Support Contracts
  • A 10% discount against our consultancy & on-site support rate’s
  • Pro-active Device Monitoring


We have a standardised price schedule so it’s clear and easy to understand, our services start from as little as £20 per computer per month. If we can save you £20 in time per month then it pays for itself! We also support Servers at £75 per Server per month.