Flexible Payment Plans

A Different Way to Pay

At Vicon we believe in offering our clients flexible payment options, most large IT providers have already moved on to more tax efficient payments models like monthly subscriptions, the SME IT provider market generally hasn’t… Until now.

  • Monthly Payment Models for Project Based Work
  • Monthly Support Solutions
  • Monthly Web Hosting and Website Design
  • Vicon Developed Websites and Programs included in monthly Support Costs

In today’s financial climate it’s sometimes difficult to justify all the hardware, software and consultancy costs up front whether the project needs it or not. Unfortunately this could mean running your business at a slower pace than you wanted.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a technology partner that could work alongside you instead of just for you? We believe that if we’re offering a technology solution that we should be able to share the risk with you, after all we suggested it! At Vicon we are more than happy to put deals together on a profit share basis.