CrashPlanPROe Online Backup

Online Backup with UK Cloud Storage. Automatically runs an online backup to secure locations in the UK.  CrashPlanPROe is for Apple, Windows and Linux based computers and servers, includes the CrashPlan PROe enterprise software.

Automatic Online Backup UK Cloud Storage
CrashPlan PROe backup happens all by itself. Nothing to remember. No annoying popups. If a backup is interrupted, it will automatically resume by itself. Your backup is stored in the cloud on enterprise grade servers at ultra secure locations in the UK owned and managed by CeeJay Software Limited.


Secured On Your Computer
EUDPD Compliant
We use 448-bit blowfish encryption to secure your files at the source on your computer, even before they’re backed up to ensure only you can access your files. Compliant with European Union Data Protection Directive (EUDPD) which states cloud backup providers are required to ensure all backed up data is only stored in Europe.


Local Drives
Open / Locked Files
CrashPlan PROe can back up files and folders on USB attached drives or to other local attached drives at the same time as the online backup. On Apple OS X you can back up any open file. On Windows Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Service is used or CrashPlan PROe retries until the file is available.


Backup Scheduling
Compression / De-duplication
If you want to control when backups take place, CrashPlan PROe gives you the option to schedule your backup at set times. Information is compressed before the backup is sent, with data de-duplication even repeated information within a file, as well as across all files, is not backed up unnecessarily.


Backup Sets
Web Dashboard with Web Restore
Groups of files can be sent to the cloud or local backup locations or contain different backup settings. Users can remotely manage their own backup settings and preform a web restore when using the Web Dashboard.


Users Can Restore Own Their Own Network Exclusion List
Users can restore files on their own at anytime they wish without needing assistance from an IT department or support provider. Wifi and network device exclusion lists allow you to stop CrashPlan PROe running on networks that you do not want to use. e.g you can prevent CrashPlan PROe using a 3G data connection.


Apple iOS Devices +
Android Devices +
Download, view and share files being backed up to CrashPlan PROe on your Apple iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch. Download, view and share files being backed up to CrashPlan PROe on your Android and Kindle Fire device.


Microsoft Windows Phone +
Download, view and share files being backed up to CrashPlan PROe on your Microsoft Windows Phone. Ldap authentication is available for users with their own Ldap server.


Custom Installer and Settings
Administrator Web Dashboard
For large installations we can provide a custom installer which contains custom settings and will automatically setup new computers within your own CrashPlan PROe custom organisation. Remotely manage CrashPlan PROe installations by using our Web Dashboard to check the status of the backup on each computer or push changes to settings on computers.


Free Software Updates
Drive Shipping
When we release an update to CrashPlan PROe all users automatically receive the new version free of charge without them needing to install new software. If you ever need to restore a large amount of data, we can send an encrypted drive with our data on it to UK customers only, estimated 1-4 days.


UK Based Telephone Support
Self Help and Email Support
We provide telephone support during normal UK business hours, Monday – Friday 9am to 6pm. We provide self help support at out support center and email support.

A fair use policy applies to any unlimited package.
+ Each Mobile Device will require a licence.