Linux Web Hosting Launched

Vicon has launched its business class Linux web hosting service with market leading features such as all UK based servers, 99.9% SLA and much more.

Working with our selected partner we have not attempted to host our own hardware in our own datacentres. Why? because that’s usually costly, time consuming and usually less reliable that using a partner who specialises in hosting.We’ve bascially done all the hardwork for you and selected, tested and rated many different hosting providers to be able to offer our customers one of the best linux hosting services in the World. 


Our Linux Web Hosting Service has the following attributes: –

tick UK Based Servers

This ensure your site is as fast as possible, US based servers whilst sometimes cheaper will be slower as the information has to travel further. Search engines such as Google also prioritise web sites higher up the organic list if they’re hosted in the country that your customers are trying to access your wesbite from.

tick High Level of Availability (99.9% SLA)

Many providers will offer a 99.0% SLA, this means your website can have 7 hours of outage per month and it is still within their contractual agreement. Our hosting all comes with a 99.9% SLA, that’s less than 45 minutes of outage per month (although any outage is rare).

tick Do not oversell space on our servers

None of our servers have their capacity oversold, be very careful of any provider who offers unlimited storage or bandwidth, Internet capacity and disk space are not free! These providers are hoping that their customers do not use their full entitlement. You will usually find this type of offer on very cheap providers.

tick Sell primarily to business and not the public

We do not sell to the public, we only sell to businesses. We know what a business needs and how to provide it, our support team is not overloaded with excessive public calls and can therefore provide you with a quick and effective response.

tick Cost Effective

As we do not have the overhead of dealing with the public and as our services are primarily wrapped within one of our support offerings, we do not have large overheads and can therefore ensure our services are cost effective and in many cases cheaper than some of the more well know providers out there.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that your hosting requirements have met our very high standards as ever. By using Vicon as your partner we do all the analysis for you and ensure you have a future proof path that grows at the speed your business demands


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