Amazon Tablet to Launch in August

Amazon Tablet to Launch in August

There’s not a day goes by without yet another manufacturer releasing yet another tablet, all of them desperate to eat into Apples iPad market share. It can’t be denied that no matter how much you may or may not like Apples “pretty” products, they do know how to create a buzz and deliver a quality product, you’ve just got to accept that you have to play by their rules (flash anyone?)

The main reason why Apple has been so successful where others have failed, is their ability to make their products easy to use, the Apple Store being a great example. Most major mobile and PC manufacturers have a tablet in some form or other running on either Android, Blackberry OS or Windows 7. What none of them have though is a consolidated offering like Apple, Android devices come close but…

Well, that is until Amazon decided to enter the market. When I first read about it I though great, yet another one to confuse the masses until it started to sink in.

  • Who has a massive and well known online store?
  • Who already has a successful mobile device and understands the market?
  • Who is one of the leading cloud computing providers?

You’ve guessed it, Amazon. If they can get this product right, this is going to revolutionise tablet computing. Imagine having a lightweight but powerful portable device that can easily download music, books and apps, that can seamlessly link to your business applications you have running on their EC2 Cloud platform and that follows open standards.

Apple watch out, I think this one might have you pipped.


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