Blackberry Playbook a bit of a let down

Blackberry Playbook a bit of a let down

For those of you considering splashing out £400+ on a PlayBook the general consensus seems to be that unless you’re happy locking yourself into Blackberry Devices or have very specific needs, don’t!

It’s still early days for the PlayBook but from what I’m reading they don’t seem to have learned the lessons that other tablet manufacturers have over the past couple of years, for example it’s got a 7″ screen. Samsung realised this didn’t work over a year ago and have graced their new Galaxy S Tab’s with 10″ screens. A smaller screen might make the device more portable but isn’t that what Smartphones are for?? For me the idea of a tablet is to quick & easily blog, read eMail, surf the web and do the odd bit of word or excel but for that I’d want a semi-decent sized screen.

With Research in Motion’s (RIM) financial woes and the fallout caused by open letters from it’s own staff , I’d seriously consider if this is the right tablet to go for. That said, they all seem to have their niches so you need to be careful as to your long term requirements. Personally I’m going to use my laptop and wait to see what the Amazon Android Tablet is going to give us!


  • Supports Flash
  • Links easily to a Blackberry Mobile
  • HDMI connection for an external screen/projector
  • OK Battery Life (5-6 hours average)


  • No eMail, Contact or Calendaring Apps unless you link to a Blackberry Mobile
  • Lack of applications available in the store
  • Lack of memory when multi-tasking can cause apps to crash


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