Google+ Networking for Business

Google+ Networking for Business

For those of you that haven’t read anything about it, Google+ is Google’s foray into the social networking realm. There was a lot of fuss about it last week when Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) registered an account and started using it.

It entered ‘invite only’ beta testing last month and is primarily aimed at individuals, in fact they’ve gone out of their way to prevent business accounts registering. For example, if you have a Google Apps for Business account you can’t register which has led to quite a few people getting a little upset about it!

Unbeknown to us all though, Google has a good reason, they’re building a version targeted directly at Businesses. Linked-in has pretty much had this marketplace all to themselves and with Google integrating the business version of Google+ into its Search Engine, Analytics & Apps for Business it really gives it credibility and a reason for businesses to use it.

There are still many businesses that don’t fully understand the benefits of social networking and how it can dramatically affect their businesses web presence and traffic profiles. I’ll be addressing that in another blog soon.


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