HP TouchPad – Good for Business?

HP TouchPad – Good for Business?

HP bought Palm back in April 2010 with the sole purpose of getting its hand on WebOS, Palm’s mobile operating system.

The HP TouchPad goes on sale in the UK on 15th July with a primary target audience of business users. WebOS is renowned for having good multi-tasking which can be a little wanting on other tablets. General consensus seems to be that the device is ok but nothing ground breaking, there are also reports of it being a little sluggish.

As WebOS is designed for the cloud, HP are intending to make interaction between their devices (Printer, Phone, Tablets, etc…) as seamless as possible, of course you’ll need to be using all WebOS devices for this!

One thing I can’t forgive them for though is the lack of video out, if you’re targeting this at the business market why would you omit this!? It can read MS Office documents but it can’t edit them at the moment, HP is intending to include this feature in a future update.


  • Good Multi-Tasking
  • Consolidated Notification System
  • Supports Flash
  • 9.7″ Screen
  • Good integration with HP Smartphones


  • Lack of 3rd Party Applications
  • Sluggish Performance
  • No Video Output for Screen/Projectors


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