Preview Pane for Google Apps – gMail

Google Labs have released a preview pane for Google Apps gMail, it allows you to have an eMail preview pane open on your inbox screen that shows any email you click on (very similar to the preview pane in Outlook).

To enable it: –

  1. Click on the ‘Options’ cog at the top right of your gMail screen and select Labs (If Lab’s doesn’t show, speak to your Google Apps Administrator)
  2. Search for ‘Preview Pane’
  3. Select Enable next to the Preview Pane option
  4. Save Changes

Once you return to your Inbox you will have a new option (top right above your Inbox) to “Toggle split pane mode” where you can select Horizontal or Vertical.

Remember it is a Labs product and therefore not fully released so it does have a couple of small bugs in it but so far so good.


Google Gmail Adds Preview Pane – PC Magazine, 4th Aug 2011

New in Labs: Preview Pane – Official Google Blog, 4th Aug 2011

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